Wang Rihui is an author, investor, speaker, and consultant who has been involved in various forms of investments and online moneymaking since 2009.

Over the years, he has achieved consistent profits in the different areas of investment, all while pursuing fulltime study and working in the engineering field. He is well-versed in global financial news and has developed his own unique insights about the world economy. He is best known for his self-discipline and decisiveness in making investments. His warm, sincere attitude has won the respect of many who have worked with him.

Wang Rihui has achieved consistent annual return of 10 to 30 percent on his investments. He is a great inspiration to many ordinary individuals who seek balance between full-time jobs and investments.

Wang Rihui desires to share his success with motivated individuals and help them achieve similar financial success. He hopes his efforts will allow others to break free from the vicious cycle of just making barely enough money to make ends meet.