The pervasive nature of Internet has brought about a boom in the websites offering products and services to the wide variety of people and companies. This has brought about unprecedented opportunities for ordinary people to earn enormous profits with their fingertips.


Today, with just Internet access, anyone can create a website on their own and be able to market their products and services all over the world. The low overhead costs and flexibility of the working hours have encouraged many to join in the ranks of the website owners who have made large profits from their websites. Typically, a website owner just have to pay for domain name and webhosting, which can be free or at a low cost of a couple of hundreds of dollars a year. However, the potential for profits can be enormous.


However, with such low entry barrier, the competition in the Internet Income industry is also quite intense. Therefore, online marketing becomes especially vital for website owners to be able to stand out in the midst of billions of websites. The ability to generate fresh contents or provide differential products and services is therefore strongly valued.